Chinese New Year Getaway!

Chinese New Year is not just about celebrating Chinese culture but it can also be a getaway for the family that can give relaxing feels!


This year’s Spring Film Festival offered many fun and exciting activities for the families. It also gave the bonding that you needed to escape from your daily stress. Some people who attended spent their time appreciating different paintings and they also tried making paintings of their own thru the pastel painting workshop spearheaded by Master Fidel Sarmiento of Ateneo De Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies.



Watching films were also an option for this event because of the free screening of 6 award-winning Chinese movies that will definitely make you understand and appreciate Chinese culture.

Aside from these two, there were also a concert and a dragon dance parade happened on the last day of the 5-day event.


Surely, this year’s celebration of Chinese New Year at the Shangri-La Mall was a blast! It was organized properly and the good thing? Everyone is welcome and invited to attend and participate! So if you want to lessen your stress and you want to try new things and appreciate Chinese culture? Make sure to attend next year’s celebration and I’m sure everything will be worth it!


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