A Complicated Story: a tangled tale you shouldn’t miss

“A Complicated Story” does the justice and very suitable as the title of the film. The movie is about a Hongkong University student Liu Yazi portrayed by actress Zhu Zhiying, who accepts an offer of a strict and binding contract to act as a surrogate mother for a wealthy anonymous client to cover her brother’s increasing medical bills.  The story started to go round and round when the anonymous client who was later recognized as a celebrity, wanted to terminate the contract and so was the four-month old baby.


Despite the goodness of the plot, as well as the twist and turns, I would rate it 4 out of 10. The film started so strong but ended so weak. Simply because the story became more and more complicated to the point that it becomes unrealistic. Especially on how Yuk Cheung (Jacky Cheung) does not know anything on what her wife Tracy T. (Cherrie Ying) has been scheming just to save their childless marriage. But how did Tracy manage to get a sample needed for the surrogacy process from him if he doesn’t know a thing.  The story and script make you want to stay watching the film to know what will happen to the characters and the pacing of the movie is good when it started because you can see character development due to circumstances of the film but it was ruined by a sudden rush.


Compared from the movies I have watched, this film has scenes with poor shot. The chosen camera shot and angle is not suitable in some scenes. In Filipino soap operas and film, a scene with two persons talking uses an over-the-shoulder shot but this was different. There was a scene where Kammy (Stephanie Che) was talking with Yazi but it uses an extreme close up shot of the faces of the two actresses. Commonly, it may be use to emphasize the emotion on their eyes but there was no need to emphasize it because they were just talking normally. Next, there was an extreme wide shot of the sceneries but the tricky part is there were voices of two persons talking. I thought that after a few seconds it will show who the two persons are but it goes to one minute before they frame the actors. It was also tiring to listen to same song throughout the movie. There were also scene were the camera loses it focus on the characters.


 Also, with the complexity of the problems , Yazi (Zhu Zhiying) lacks the required emotions you should see in her face. She is often blank faced when the scene needed more emotions from her, she lacks the charisma. She was often saved by the acting performance of her co-actor, Jacky Cheung who played as Yuk Cheung and Stephanie Che who played as Kammy Au.

Somehow the director, Kiwi Chow manages to show the potential and the build of the film as a melodrama movie. Though the script and the story was really good and makes you want to know what would be the ending… but while watching it I can’t help but feel something is lacking.