Action-Comedy Movie Horseplay, Brings Fun and Laughter to the Viewers

horseplay-2014-1Honestly speaking I don’t usually watch an Asian film if it’s not a thriller or horror type of movie. I can’t explain the reason why.  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t get their plot when I watched their movie once or I just don’t like watching it. That is why when I was asked to review an Asian movie entitled Horseplay; I immediately look for its plot on the internet. Based on what I’ve read it is an action and comedy type of film. Oh-oh, maybe this one will bore me to core but I have to make a review of it for everyone to be happy. Kidding! Maybe this was given on me for me to appreciate the art of how they’re making this kind of movie.

I got the chance to watch the movie Horseplay during the 11th Spring Film Festival sponsored by Ateneo de Manila University at Shangri-la Plaza. Actually it was free for everyone and knowing us Filipinos we were fond of the “libre thingy”.  Anyway going back, Horseplay is a technically not much of an action film but a very funny and full of laughter kind of movie. It is very cheerful and a light one although I noticed that this film will be hard for non-Asians to understand. Maybe the target audiences for this were focused on the Asian countries rather than worldwide.

On the technical aspects, because the movie was filmed during the new generation days, the cinematography was great. I love how the director plays with the camera angles. It adds to the suspense and comic side of the whole film. Also the staff makes it appoint to show the beauty of the location of this movie. According to some articles I’ve read about the movie it was filmed at on four different countries namely London, Prague, French Riveria and Hong Kong. It’s amazing how they made it to appear to the film using the signs whether they’re on Hong Kong or in London and so on and so forth. Through this, I can say that this film had a lot of budget to film on different places in Europe. It has incredible locations which made the movie really great. But then again if it has a lot of positive feedbacks it also has negatives. The film somewhat lacks of suspense and thriller especially it is about a smuggler or a thief they’ve been looking for. Also I noticed that the film itself lacks of creativity but it still presume that this one is a kind of a clever movie. Another thing, Horseplay focuses more on the happy side and forgot about the real essence and lesson of the story. The whole film was tried to filled of fun that is why I the feedback and learning of the viewers were a bit far from what they to input the crowd.
horseplay-2014-7When it comes to the cast, all its characters were mixed and matched perfectly. Seems like they all fit on the role they were given to. The one who played the Nine-Tailed Fox or the smuggler was great but was a bit off wandering using his one foot. It seems like he was badly hurt when he did one of the stunts needed on the movie that is why. On the other side, I just notice something ironic in Ha Mui’s character when she accepts the workload to investigate the smuggler. She was sent abroad to chase the thief not to bother herself over cute things she’s seeing at a very awkward moment. This attitude on her character seems off. It is good for the supporting characters to be silly at off times but not the lead roles because they are the ones who will leave the lesson and reveal the real thing that is happening on movie to the audiences.

To top it all the film Horseplay was visually eye-catching with great cinematography. Although there are a lot of questionable moments and scenes all throughout I will still recommend this movie for all those who wants to uplift their mood when their feeling down. Though without the film’s deep and meaningful morals, the viewers can enjoy the whole movie and free their minds from stress. Kudos to the whole cast and crew of the film Horseplay. Job well done!


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