Chinese-Blood Performers Amazed the Crowd on the Celebration of the Lunar Year

Chinese community gathered today, January 28, 2017 at the Shangri-la Plaza Grand Atrium for their annual celebration of the Spring Film Festival in line with the Chinese Lunar Year. Today’s event mainly focuses on the different voices of different ages of Chinese people. The event was entitled as Chinese Music Concert wherein 5 different performers from soloist to chorale showcased their talents specifically in singing native Chinese songs.

The first to perform was the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club that really gets the attention of the crowd. Next is Johnvid Bangayan, soloist, together with his pianist, Albert Cedric Tan, which I think the best guy tandem I’ve ever heard. Wherein Albert Cedric Tan was born blind yet loves to play piano to inspire everyone. “I don’t want Albert to think na he performs because of money. I want him to just play (piano) kasi gusto niya and dahil it makes him happy”, according to Mrs. Stephanie Que, Albert’s piano teacher since he was 3. After the heartwarming piano performance of Albert, it was followed by a very simple yet pleasing to the ear performance by the Hope Christian High School Chorale. It was followed by the two soloists namely Charice Angelique Co and Ellen Pao which both exert an international kind of performance. The music concert was ended by a fierce performance by the world class trio, Siren.

Chinese Music Concert was not that perfectly organized from the event organizers up to the lights and sound system. The said event was supposed to start at 3 o’clock in the afternoon but because of the technicalities that was not seen beforehand it started an hour late. People started to flock from different sides of the hall and performers were just standing at the back stage patiently waiting for the sound system to be fixed but waiting for about an hour for the concert to start will never be a regret for the audiences because of the amazing performers.


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