11th Spring Film Festival Opens for Non-Chinese Community

Upon the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Ateneo de Manila University together with Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies brings us again the 11th Spring Film Festival held at Shangri-la Plaza. The said event started from January 25 and will last until the 29th.16178406_719149654902005_2693944012400703217_o

Aside from the 6 films that will be showed for free to everyone, the organizers also include different events that showcase the talents of the Chinese Community like the Chinese Painting Exhibit, Chinese Music Concert and the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

According to Mrs. Jubilee Ong, staff and next year’s OIC for the Spring Film Festival, the said event is not just for the Chinese people but for everyone to feel the real essence of celebrating the Lunar Year. “Well, it is mainly for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, but we cater everyone. This is not for the Chinese people only. Actually this is to encourage everyone to celebrate Chinese New Year with us,” said Mrs. Ong.


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