Red Amnesia: We all have ghost in the past hunting us


The story is all about the character of Deng, so old yet so stubborn. She played a very fragile role of an elderly widow who is determined to remain useful to her two sons and their loved ones. It was part of her daily routine to go to his gay son and cook for him while also taking charge on her grandson from another son.


Their simple set up changed when an anonymous phone calls started bothering them followed by the presence of an unnamed and stranger boy who keeps on following Deng even at her dreams.


The film is a slow-pacing piece of art as it reveals bits by bits the backstory of what happened to Deng and why was she seemed haunted.


The portrayal of a family roles is well-presented in the film while the gap between the generation of Deng and her children are highlighted and speaks so much about the status of the elders in China and the blurred future ahead of them. the treatment on the issue of LGBT in the character of her gay son was handled carefully and with justice. In the end, as the complicated history of Deng from the province of Guizhou at the end of the Cultural Revolution was being narrated, it started to give a clearer picture of what was happening to Deng is more than a sign of aging, it’s a haunting of unpaid debt in the past.

Technically, the shots were comparable to indie films that we have here in the Philippines. It was like a continuous shot. Lightings are a sub but not that obvious. The actors especially the one who played the role Deng must be commended while the whole storyline is a superb!

Watching Red Amnesia was like slowly eating a cup of oatmeal. We savor each spoon of oats that enter our mouth. We eat it till the last chunks only to find out how heavy it was in the tummy. Immediately, we feel full.

And just like Deng, we are reminded of our past. Those that we chose to forget selectively. Some are already buried while some might as well, haunts us.




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