Chinese pastel painting workshop: Your imagination is the limit


Chinese pastel painting workshop was organized on the last day of the event- for artsy people. Chinese or non-Chinese. The goal is to express the deepest thoughts and reflection while channeling their inner artist.

The participants are not limited to the gifted people. People whose hands are skilled and trained for arts or those hands that are good at picking food only, joined. The workshop is open to everyone. Men and women. Young and old. Newbie or an old-timer. Artsy or dope. They were given some art materials like oil pastel, papers, and sandpapers by the organizers and to make it work, the participants had their fair share of materializing their wildest ideas into a masterpiece of art. The only catch is-your imagination is the limit.

The Chinese painting workshops started at exactly 1 in the afternoon last January 29. The organizer prepared 50 slots but people are still coming so they ended up adding more seats. The workshop was made interesting and special by the presence of master Fidel Sarmiento of Ateneo De Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies who taught the participants.

The workshop was held beside the Chinese painting exhibit.



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